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Massage, balm for body, mind and soul
During a massage session, a number of pleasant techniques from Western, Eastern and South-American traditions are alternated. This treatment supports you in your quest to who you are, true to your own self.

Indeed, when you are relaxed and present in the here and now, you can better observe what's happening in your body. Being fully conscious of what you feel is like getting to know both yourself, and life itself, better. It is your way of contributing to the self-healing capacity of your body and to your own personal growth. Physical consciousness, after all, effects your psychological behaviour. In other words, the healing effects of a massage don't just make you physically suppler and more resilient; you will also feel stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So we can say that a massage really is a balm... for your body, mind and soul... flowing from the use of natural and etheric oils.

Their effect will be still deeper if you first enjoy the healing power of water.

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