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Experience yourself what massage means to you
The effects of massage are manifold. They have been recognised since time immemorial, and are increasingly scientifically proven. In short, it means that millions of neurons in the skin are being stimulated. These send stimuli to the nervous system. The result is that the organs and systems in the body function better as a whole.

The Eastern modes of treatment assert that there are meridians and points of acupressure in the skin. The massage touches these points and meridians as well.

Moreover, body, intellect, strength of mind, feelings and vitality are mutually linked with each other. Thus massage, i.e. pressure, touch and friction, affects the whole human being.

Please find below some possible therapeutic effects. Consider this list as a stimulus for observing the feelings in your body yourself, as if you were looking at a landscape.

  • General relaxation
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Limbering up stiff joints
  • Strengthening loose joints
  • Vitalising muscles
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Stretching the connective tissue
  • Warming up the skin
  • Relieving feelings of stress and restlessness
  • Being conscious of what goes on in your body
  • Feeling of vitality and energy
  • Stress-release
  • Pain relief
  • Free flow of energy
The effect of massage differs from person to person and from one moment to another. Be involved in the massage. Be open to what is given to you. The deeper will be the healing effect.

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