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Solace in no time!
Are you short of time, yet in need of some relaxation?

Then a chair or seated massage is exactly what you need. It only takes 15 minutes, yet afterwards you will feel relaxed and vital, ready to go again. It has been proven scientifically that people who regularly receive a seated massage increase their concentration and alertness by 50%. Other tests have shown that this kind of massage also positively affects people's temper and physical condition. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation and reduces tension and stiffness of muscles.

This massage originates from traditional Japanese acupressure. Head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands - the places on the body that suffer most from stress or from incorrect posture - are massaged while you are seated upon an ergonomic chair - i.e. a chair that invites relaxation just by the way you sit on it!

As a company, you can offer a seated massage as an incentive for your staff or clients, or integrate it, onsite, in your existing well-being programme.
As a private person, you can offer family, friends or colleagues a nice surprise.

Please contact Essens if you feel like discussing these exciting possibilities or if you want to receive a price quote for a particular treatment.

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